Imagine the plight of the male weaver bird, who is destined to flutter upside down from the nest he has spent days building in order to attract a mate.  After diligently making hundreds of trips back and forth with materials like papyrus grass and leaves and after many hours spent crafting his spectacular nest, the weaver patiently waits in hope that his architectural feat will lure a prospective female. Should she be impressed, a female weaver will join him in completing his nest. If not, he will start again, hoping that his latest attempts catch the eye of a potential partner.  

The paintings that appear in my latest series, “String Theory,” take their cue from the weaver bird, depicting large nest-like spheres, brimming with insects, butterflies and birds.  Each painting  weaves together a personal and scientific narrative centering on fecundity, fertility, bio diversity, and the interconnectedness of all things. If life is a series of interconnections held together by an infinite amount of threads, both visible and invisible, String Theory depicts these threads on both a visual and metaphorical level.